Making The Space Race

For the last five months I’ve been working as Line Producer for an epic ten hour docudrama for Audible called The Space Race released yesterday in time for the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landings on 20th July. My contribution is minuscule compared to the hours the rest of the team have put into this, but it’s been a major group effort.

We made trips to the US and Russia for interviews, spent long days in the studio recording drama sequences and I spent nearly nine hours in Charleston, USA a few weeks ago directing Star Trek Voyager’s Captain Janeway, Kate Mulgrew, through our narration scripts, where her combination of wry humour and gravitas proved to be a perfect fit for the story.

There have been many headaches (literally and figuratively), very late nights, very long hours and terrifying deadlines.

I’m hugely proud of what we’ve produced and my involvement in it – I’ve never spent a day directing one voiceover artist before, not least one as experienced as Kate and it was both challenging and fun. I also managed the agreements for nearly forty actors during our days recording the drama sequences. Oh, the paperwork. Help.

The Space Race is available on Audible now as an Audible Original, produced by B7 Media and Space Boffins, (who also do a really cool space podcast) so if you want to hear a definitive history of how humans made it to the Moon (and yes we bloody did  – having learned what I have making this, faked it my arse) then this epic story is for you.