Voiceover Demos

Here you’ll find voiceover showreels for corporate narration and explainer videos, on-hold and elearning. Something missing? Get in touch for a no obligation sample of your script.

Some of the types of voiceover work of which I’m capable include – as a native North-Easterner – narration in a Teesside or Hartlepool accent. But mostly my work is accentless/modern RP, perhaps with just a hint of the North if required.

There are also lots of other demos of my work including voiceover, trails and audio drama on my Soundcloud page.

Voice of Weyland Industries for Prometheus viral campaign. (Ridley Scott)

Vienna: European City of Innovation Finalist

Xist Fitness – TV Commercial Voiceover

“There seems to be no end to the possibilities a voiceover can offer where a product or project is concerned. After getting on for over twenty years in the audio production business, there are still things for which I haven’t recorded a voiceover! These demos are just a small selection of the kind of work I do, or have pitched for. There are still recordings I need to tick off the bucket list: More SatNav, a Home Assistant or voice of an airline. I’m still holding out for voice of a starship or other interstellar spacecraft. There’s time…

TV commercials are the biggest area for voiceover artists to crack. While I’ve voiced one or two in the United States, The UK is on the list next!

Have a listen to these voiceover demos and get in touch for a quote!”