About Helen: Her work and her voice

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Helen Quigley is an established British female Voiceover Artist and Producer with more than twenty years experience of voicing and producing for broadcast on all platforms.

Helen’s voiceover for Dan Dare – The Audio Adventures was nominated for Best Audio Radio or Audio Promotion at the Voice Arts Awards in 2018.


…can help your content or product reach millions of viewers and potential customers. This viral video narrated by Helen has 18 million hits so far on YouTube (Slightly NSFW!)

Porn Sex vs Real Sex: The Differences Explained with Food
Kornhaber Brown

More samples of work can be found on the DEMOS page.

What Helen’s voice can do for you!

“I don’t really do the Big, Shouty Sell. My voiceover style is more subtle, understated or knowing. Cool, indifferent car commercials. Sultry high-end jewellery promos or real estate videos.

Different voices suit different tasks. As I say, you’ll hear me a lot on-hold. I’ll often narrate corporate videos or short explainers. I’m friendly, informative, professional… so a lot of e-learning comes my way. I’m an excellent “every voice”; inoffensive, easy on the ear, and so appropriate to any number of projects needing narration that’s easy to follow and pleasant to listen to.

However, my USP is all of the above; British female voiceover with a twist. Mary Poppins reads Fifty Shades of Grey. Cheeky but classy. Warm, smooth, professional – but with a wink. Occasionally dry or even a little bit saucy.

It’s Quigley, but quirky.”