Audio Drama, Content and Mastering

THEATRE OF THE DAMNED | Audioteria | Producer

Theatre of the Damned explores the blood-curdling depths to which struggling immigrant theatre producer, Camille Choisy, penniless Parisian playwright, Andre De Lorde and aspiring actress, Paula Maxa, will stoop in order to satisfy their audiences’ blood-thirsty appetite and gain Faustian profits.

A comic horror based on the origins of the grisly and hugely popular Théâtre du Grand-Guignol in 1920s Paris.

MAHABHARATA NOW | BBC Radio 4 | Producer (UK)

A two-part modern adaptation of part of the epic Indian poem, the Gods, the law, capitalism and politics jostle for power in this bold adaptation of the ancient Indian poem Mahabharata. Dramatized as a gripping family epic set in 21st century Mumbai, this series is powered by the tensions and rivalries of a turbulent business empire. Episodes 3 and 4 are expected to broadcast this year.

BARRED | BBC Radio 4 | Producer

Barred is a 60 minute legal drama by Thandi Lubimbi and Richard Kurti: a story of idealism clashing with a world of greed, prejudice, sexual and domestic abuse.

THE EFFECT | Audible UK | Series Producer

A tense sci-fi thriller produced by B7 Media, The Effect takes a woman’s worst nightmare and turns it into a mind-bending trip into the nature of perception and reality. Available now for free with an Audible subscription.

VENNA’S PLANET | AUK Studios / B7 Media | Series Producer / Promo Producer

Recorded entirely remotely between January – April 2021 using actors based in their home studios (and with all the challenges and fun that involved!) Venna’s Planet is a comedy space opera adapted from Robin Evans’ graphic novels.

GREENBORNE | B7 Media | Series Producer

Greenborne is the UK’s first radio soap opera to be broadcast in over twenty years. Financed by a grant from the Audio Content Fund, Greenborne is set approximately six months in the future as the world slowly emerges from the COVID-19 Pandemic. But while the world has changed, people tend not to..

Already described as a rival to Radio 4’s The Archers, Greenborne began in mid-March 2021.

THE BIG STEAL | Fresh Air Production | Audio Mastering

In The Big Steal, Gavin Esler tells the story and examines Russia’s journey from democracy to kleptocracy, as the Putin regime attempts to erode democracy across the globe.

THE SPACE RACE | An Audible Original | Series Line Producer

A space race and a production race, as the team worked to deliver the series ready for the 50th anniversary of the moon landings in July 2019.

For a little background on making this New York Festivals gold award winning series, take a look at the blog post HERE.

DILATION | Par-sec Productions / B7 Media | Executive Producer/Trails Producer/Voiceover

Working with Writer, Director and Musician Max Hochrad, DILATION is an original scifi audio drama.

My voiceover for DILATION won Gold at the 2020 Voice Arts Awards in the “Outstanding Radio Promo – Best Voiceover” category.


This is the only recording of veteran actress Eileen Page’s one-woman theatre show, which she has toured on and off over 22 years. Recorded at Tara Theatre in South London, it was Eileen’s first experience of recording audio drama.

Eleanor of Aquitaine… was an official selection for the HearNOW audio drama festival in Kansas City, Ohio in June 2019 and a Silver Award winner in the 2019 New York Radio Awards Best Actress category.