The Studio

Recording Studio

The Sound Pound is a custom built recording studio – In a garden.

The main building isn’t just a garden room. It has been treated with extra acoustic dampening, acoustic glass in the doors and windows and air spaces were added in the roof and floor. It’s also air-conditioned, making it a pleasant place to work in the middle of summer and cosy in the depths of winter.

Essex Voiceover Studio  Voiceover Booth

In September 2015, it was time for phase 2. The Voice Booth!  Nick at Audio Schemes spent a week building and installing a bespoke, freestanding voiceover booth. This has made The Sound Pound as quiet as any high-end VO booth in Soho, or anywhere else! Unlike some “professional” home studios, you won’t hear any distant birds, aeroplanes, traffic,  etc in the background.

I use a Mac, Adobe Audition and Neumann U87 and Neumann TLM193 mics for recording voiceover. My favourite is the 193. I can bore you with why, if you like.


The Sound Pound is also available for hire – Need to get someone on ISDN in Essex? Want to record some audio for your own demo? Call or email or visit Voiceover Studio Finder for more information.