I don’t just talk for a living.

Alongside voiceover work, I am a freelance Producer for BBC Cross Trails promoting new BBC TV programmes on the national and local BBC radio networks. All the trails below are produced in my home studio, though the voiceover sessions with talent usually take place in central London. Not many people have time to journey to the wilds of Essex for a one hour VO session! 

POLDARK – August 2016 | Voiced by Aidan Turner

THE HOLLOW CROWN – April 2016 | Voiced by Phoebe Fox and James D’Arcy

STAG – March 2016


Radio podcast recording session at Wise Buddah
Stephen Merchant and Robin Ince recording Utter Shambles.

From 2006 to 2008 I was Producer and Editor for two series of podcasts for Comedy Central UK, Robin Ince’s Show & Tell and Robin Ince’s Utter Shambles. Robin Ince and Josie Long discussed anything and everything with a series of guests from Stephen Merchant and Barry Cryer to Alexei Sayle and Chris Addison. With hilarious consequences, of course.


During early 2007, Robin Ince’s Show & Tell was one of iTunes’ top 10 most downloaded comedy podcasts.


Robin and Josie have since gone on to make a lot more podcasts, including Book Shambles and Cosmic Shambles. I’m very proud to have been there when it all began.  Robin recently wrote a blog piece about those first podcasts and the freedom they give you as both a performer and producer to experiment and in his words, “fuck up”.