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A┬áprecocious and gobby little madam…

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It’s all very well telling people that you always knew you wanted to be a Voiceover Artist, but what if you could prove it?

In this recording, three-year old me deigns to be interviewed by my Grandfather on a reel to reel (and he was savvy enough to date stamp it, so I know this is from 1979). Not only am I more than happy to chatter at the mic, my penchant for science fiction is very much in evidence as I list my favourite film and TV programmes: Star Wars, Star Trek, Flash Gordon and Blake’s 7 .


Me, roaming loose on an airfield.

Radio legend Kenny Everett also gets an honourable mention. Though my Grandad makes it quite clear he wasn’t a fan.


Think Voiceover Artists are always one-take wonders? Think again.

Sight reading is a big part of what makes Voiceover Talent good at their jobs. But sometimes there might be a phrase that doesn’t go where you expect it to, a word that unexpectedly throttles your tongue or worse, external forces acting on your ability to perform and deliver the best takes.

Situations like these…