The Voiceover’s Christmas Gift Guide

Ever since my studio was finished, I’ve kept an eye out for the kind of décor and furnishings that should grace a room as used by a Voiceover Artist. And you know what? Unless you’re after something bespoke, or have the ways and means to acquire something as seen in some of the Soho sound production studios, it’s a rather limited market.

So at this time of year, and with the season of giving and receiving upon us, I’ve had a ferret around the web for Christmas gifts that would suit anyone working with sound. Voiceover Artists, Editors, Radio Presenters, etc. From the serious to the Just For Fun…


  1. On Air Vintage Radio Cushion £32.00

    normal_on-air-vintage-radio-cushionI’m starting with this, because the minute I found it at Not On The High Street, I snagged one for myself!




2.Test Card Suit £54.95 or

3. Testcard Make Up Bag £13.80

A suit for him and make up bag for her. (Or vice versa if you like!) Buying for a broadcasting geek? Give them the TV test card on Christmas day…



4. normal_recording-light-box-signRECORDING sign £80

Want a red light over your door? No, not like that. Let people know you’re hard at work with a RECORDING message.

5. Microphone Ceiling Lamp £336.64microphone lamp

It seems there aren’t many things to can’t turn a microphone into. Lighting for example. But despite being recycled, it doesn’t come cheap.

6. posterRCA Ribbon Microphone Poster £4.78

For the really techy, how about a VERY detailed poster of a ribbon microphone…

7. Soundwave Art £variousours2_r

Turn sound into art by uploading your chosen audio and this company will print it onto canvas.


Pokemon Headphones, £35.99 Catch ’em all. I won’t judge you.

9. Put the Archers on £12.57more than R4

Back to the Brits now. Session over, time to boil the kettle. There’s a very specific type of person who will appreciate this “I Love you more than Radio 4” mug.

And finally…

10. Makcookiese cookies shaped like microphones. I promise you, that’s definitely a microphone shape. Honest. And I definitely said COOKIES. Stop giggling.