About Me

British Voiceover

Quigley’s a weird name.

It’s Irish. It also means you can easily find me on lists.

You look a bit like her off The X Files.

So I’m told. But I prefer to think she looks a bit like me.

You sound a bit Northern. Are you a monkey hanger?

I’m originally from Hartlepool/Teesside so yes, at least on my mother’s side! But after twenty years in and around London the edges of my natural accent have worn off a bit. It’s still there when required, or if there’s enough red wine in the room…

What do you DO all day?

Recording, editing, writing and staring out the window of my garden studio, The Sound Pound. I used to be accompanied by Brian the Greyhound until he passed away, so now I have to emit my own noxious fumes.

How would you describe your voice style?

The most successful video I’ve voiced so far (Porn Sex vs Real Sex: The Differences Explained With Food, with 17 million YouTube hits) was described as being in the style of: “Mary Poppins reads Fifty Shades Of Grey.” I’ll take that.


Whose voices do you like to listen to?

Seth MacFarlane’s singing makes me go a bit wibbly. Paul Darrow can read me the phone book if he likes. Or Hayley Atwell can read me anything.

OK, let’s get serious for a minute. When did you start doing Voiceovers?

My very first voiceover was a traffic report. When I went to sleep each night I used to count M25 junctions. Sometimes I still do.

What do you record the most?

It depends! It varies, but at the moment, a lot of web-based training and learning modules. I wish I retained half of what I talk about; I’d be able to drive an articulated lorry and repair aircraft engines. I also record narration for web videos, on-hold telephone prompts, radio commercials and even occasionally acting roles.

Where have I heard you?

In all kinds of situations. My favourite right now is I’m the English voice for all the pay-at-pump petrol stations in Spain. I haven’t yet had to ask myself to please hold.

Dream Voiceover job?

A Starship computer’s voice. Or voice of a major airline. You never know when that might come in handy ….