CTW: Earthquakes in London by Mike Bartlett


First performed at the National Theatre in 2010, Mike Bartlett’s Earthquakes In London is rarely taken on by community groups because of its scale. Even cutting back a little on that scale, The production by Chelmsford Theatre Workshop is still epic by amdram proportions.
A steel deck with  plasma screen takes up one entire side of the theatre, half the stage is occupied by a four piece band and there are fourteen cast members; almost half playing multiple roles.
I’m playing just two. An extremely unhelpful shop assistant and Mrs Andrews, a Scottish housekeeper. I’ve never had to do a Scottish accent before, so it took a lot of practice and an hour of excellent tuition with Accent Coach Kay Welch, but I like to think I’ve cracked it. I was told I sound “believable”.
Well, it’s a start…