Image and Audio

Image and Audio


Things have changed in voice overs. I was always told, as an actor of any ilk, you need your classic 8×10 headshot. For Spotlight, to take to castings; it’s just what’s done. And it’s what I’ve always done. Admittedly I’ve dared to to have some colour pictures, but they’re still classic, head and shoulders shots in a black or white top or other plain colour. To be honest, there isn’t that much difference between some headshots and a passport photo. And they’re not particularly interesting on a website either. (Holds hand up)

I’ve never physically been to a casting of the sort traditional actors do. I’ve never had to – Most of my auditioning is done online. Potential clients find my website via search engines, one of the many directories I’m listed in or via an audition that I’ve sent through those sites. But even though I provide audio only, clients still like to know who they’re talking to. I’m a product – HQvoice is a merge of professional voice services and  the person whose voice it is. I tweet, I have a Facebook business page which includes a mixture of personal and business posts. The personal posts on my business Facebook and Twitter accounts are considered before they’re shared publicly, but they’re still me.

And this blend of the personal and professional is why, for me,  a simple headshot just doesn’t cut it any more.

So, taking inspiration from my logo (and the embarrassment by how much I’ve changed in four and half years) I went to a photographer specialising in vintage and retro photography. The results are what you see here. Yes, I know everyone and his cat gets photographed with this old chestnut style of mic, but that’s because it looks nice.

At least I resisted the urge to lick it…