I See You Baby… Shakers by John Godber and Jane Thornton

I See You Baby… Shakers by John Godber and Jane Thornton

Shakers. Bouncer’s poorer cousin. No-one’s ever really sure why, but for me Shakers’ downbeat ending with a cautionary tale is a factor.

So for our production, we got rid of it – And replaced it with some feelgood dancing instead.

It also needed some updating. Originally written in the eighties, then updated to the nineties, it needed a further update and a geographic relocating to the South East. Language updated. Scenes cut. Carol became Chloe. And this is 2013; it needed more cynicism. Fortunately, Godber’s preface to Shakers allows for some readjustment: “…flexibility can be applied to the text so that the play is made to work for every different production.” Phew.

Our version opens with a routine to FUN’s Some Nights. The Essex girls on a night out get drunk and dance to P-Diddy and The Saturdays. Nicki and her sparkly shorts strut into the second act to “LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It”.  We end with Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” (Of course) And then the bows to some line-dancing with Footloose.

And dear god, there was no way we were going to wear all black, bow ties or scarves. Can anyone think of a single high-end bar where the staff dress like that? No. We wanted sexy but flattering and easy to move in.

And obviously we’ve had an absolute riot doing it. I’d never done a “proper” comedy before, and certainly not one that required multiple characters, accents and dancing. More please…