Radio, the head of Anne Boelyn and a Knight

Radio, the head of Anne Boelyn and a Knight

I’ve had a busy three months or so and not all because of voiceovers! Not surprisingly, and as usual, voice work fell off a cliff during August, however a lot of production work at both BBC Essex and BBC Cross Trails picked up the slack. In fact if there had been any large VO projects during August I probably wouldn’t have been able to fit them in.

I’ve been a real Jill of all trades at BBC Essex: a bit of Station Sound cover, a bit of reception work (answering the phone to punters is FUN!) and I was even a guest at one point. Some day soon you’ll catch me tinkering under the bonnet of one of the radio cars with a spanner. (Kidding, don’t panic.)

BBC Cross Trails work kept me busy during August/September and included trails for Parade’s End and Andrew Marr’s History Of The World. Hopefully there’ll be more work for Cross Trails to come, as it’s something I’m really enjoying doing. I also voiced a small part of the trail for Nick Grimshaw’s first week on the Radio 1 breakfast show.

During the week beginning 17th September 2012, my work or my voice was broadcast on Radio’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Live and most of the UK regions.

I was quite proud of that.

I’m also back on stage this week as Lady Celia in Anne Boleyn, a Chelmsford Theatre Workshop premiere. We even borrowed the creepy latex head of Anne Boleyn as used by the Globe theatre in their productions in 2010 and 2011. Written by Spooks writer Howard Brenton, CTW has the East Anglian premiere. The play’s Director Christine Davidson and I also did a spot of publicity on BBC Essex (hence the guest reference) which you can hear here.  And on 27th September, Sir Ian McKellen, patron of the Little Theatre Guild (of which CTW is a member) paid a visit to watch.

Were we nervous? Nah. Well, maybe a little bit…