A Few Good Men… And One Budgie

A Few Good Men… And One Budgie

A Few Good Men: 25th – 28th January 2012

Left to right, in rehearsal: Lyle (Vicky), Sam Weinberg (John), Daniel Kaffee (Ben), Capt. Whitaker (me)

and Jo Galloway, (Kelly). Photo by Craig Greenslade

I’ve been at it again with a couple of local theatre productions. Theatre At Baddow’s major January production was Aaron Sorkin’s A Few Good Men, a huge challenge for its first time director, Pat Willis, not just because it’s a long, wordy play and full of legalese, but finding the necessary fifteen or so male characters required is a challenge for any amateur group. Somehow Pat did it, but still kindly made a few concessions for the women in the group by gender reassigning a couple of roles. I played Captain Whitaker, the exposition stick who appears in the first twelve minutes of the play with a detailed explanation of what’s happened, who all these people are and what’s going to happen next. The play was extremely well received with some absolutely cracking performances and fine American accents and a triumph for Pat.

The couple of bits of American accent coaching helped for my few pages – At least, no-one laughed as far as I could tell! I was also loathe to part with my lovely, high-ranking stripes at the end of the run. As costumes go, that was a good one!


What’s For Pudding? 21st January 2012

Mary (Jo Ghent), Dennis (John Mabey), Jack (Roger Saddington) and Maureen (me).

Photo by Will Jackson

The other play was a half hour comedy by David Tristram, What’s For Pudding? staged as a one-off private performance for Baddow Council’s annual dinner and attended by the mayor of Chelmsford. Two couples and an oddball trouser hunter bicker their way through a Saturday evening, a bottle of whiskey and a tale about the demise of Maureen’s budgie. It’s amazing any of us made it through the performance as rehearsals were generally full of giggling and accidental destruction of household furniture. It’s amazing what fear of failure can do to your desire to laugh and a  bottle of iced tea can do to your bladder.