Favourite Voice Over Performances

Favourite Voice Over Performances

I was a guest on the Earshot Creative podcast this week – only time will tell if I made a tit of myself, (it’s published in the next week or two) but one of the tasks a guest is allocated prior to the recording is to find a piece of audio that has inspired them and talk about it on the podcast.

So I went looking for voiceover inspiration. It’s harder than it sounds. So many voices you hear nowadays are selling something – so is it the product that impresses you or the VO’s performance? And when is an voiceover just an acting role?

I won’t reveal what I chose until after the podcast is released, though I ‘m sure anyone who has ever been near this blog before could probably guess. In the meantime, I have decided to list a few personal favourite performances. Some are actors, others aren’t, but they all do a bloomin’ good job.

5. The Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny – Miriam Margolyes

4. Jessica Rabbit – Kathleen Turner

(What is it with these sexy rabbits? I know it’s her married name, but still…)

3. Jack FM Oxfordshire, Imaging – Paul Darrow

Yes I’ve had a crush on him since I was 6 and addicted to Blake’s 7. Yes, I met him aged 30-something and recording session and dissolved in a puddle of squee. But as radio station imaging goes, he’s still my all time favourite voice.

2. Rob Brydon infer Ken Bruce, BBC Radio 2, 1st April 2011

A friend recently reminded me of this and it makes it into the list for several reasons. Being able to sustain a vocal impression, on a live show and essentially improvising for two and a half hours is pretty impressive. Obviously I can’t post the whole thing, but here’s a taster.


1. Watch this space!