Equipment Review

Last week posted a competition inviting voiceovers to submit a review of the favourite piece of recording equipment. Although I’m pretty familiar with the ins and outs of what I use, I don’t think I’m particularly qualified to review it, so I didn’t enter. But of course, Sod’s Law means I think of something to review three days after the entry deadline. Hey ho. So here’s my review, Just For Fun.

They’re free, personalised and entirely unique to each user. I’ve never been more pleased with this bit of kit. No installation required; mine started working as soon as they came out of the packaging and are still working today. With good maintenance and a bit of luck, they should last a lifetime.

Because a voiceover has no voice without a Pair of Lungs.

The raw materials do require some initial adjustment. Volume levels can be a bit high and sound quality unrefined in the early years, but that settles down with use and control. Some may find the treble a bit overpowering at first, but after twelve or thirteen years this will broaden out depending on the user. Although not easily damaged by movement or daily wear and tear, smoke and fumes can have a drastic effect on sound quality. Lungs do not come with a guarantee and smoking will invalidate your warranty.

You may find yourself surprised by the quietness and efficiency of a Pair of Lungs. Most of them time you barely notice them running, as they operate constantly in a background, energy efficient mode. There is no need to power down or switch off your lungs and this is definitely not recommended by the manufacturer. It is possible for one of the pair to operate singly, however usually only urgent repair or maintenance requires it. Also, Lungs are not very ecological and generate large amounts of Carbon Dioxide.

Lungs are self-powering and can run almost indefinitely by drawing fuel from the environment. It helps if this environment is clean and dust-free. Despite their low maintenance, oxygen must be available at all times or your Lungs will cease to function. Lack of oxygen will also invalidate your warranty.

I’ve always been very pleased with my Lungs. So far they’ve never failed to work and if they weren’t part of my studio set up I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. In fact, I’d go as far to say that I can’t live without them…