For Promotional Purposes

For Promotional Purposes

The HQvoice Hound Pound is now available!

Next month I am attending a conference/networking event/social occasion specifically for VOs and audio producers in glamorous Leicestershire and was advised to take some sort of advertising material. From amongst the myriad mousemats, flashdrives, dongles and gizmos, I chose trolley coins – little pound coin sized discs for use in supermarket trollies and lockers. Or, simply, as a nice keyring. I also liked that they resemble a dog tag, which is why Brian now has one as part of his collar-wear (Collar: model’s own)

Brian and the Hound Pound

The reverse side includes my web address and a line of nonsense Latin – “vox elegans domina velox”. And before any highbrow Classical scholars get their pants in a knot about its accuracy, I KNOW it’s not correct. It’s not meant to be. If you can roughly translate each of the individual words then you can have a stab at the intended phrase, but it’s entirely for fun. Please don’t send the Roman Legion after me.

Hound Pounds (groan) are limited edition (couldn’t afford hundreds of them) and intended for people and companies I’ve worked for or may hire me in future. *Hopeful face* They’ll be with me at VOX next month, or you can request one by emailing me. šŸ™‚

Hound Pounds were made by Dan UK with assistance from the very helpful Carl