Charity begins at (the) home studio

Last Thursday I received a Tweet from the lovely Natalie Cooper drawing my attention to an audio producer’s appeal for help putting together a charity audiobook to help raise funds for the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. He needed voices and he needed them fast.

I thought this was a great idea; I could happily drop a fiver into a charity worker’s bucket, or I could offer something worth much more than that. If this had been a paid job, I’d be quoting based on studio time, recording editing and usage – and that would amount to much more than £5, so I was more than happy to put my studio to such a good cause.

By the weekend, had twenty five stories recorded by voices in the US and UK including some well-known ones!

Neil of Spokenworld has done a cracking job pulling this together and publishing it in less than a week and I’m chuffed to have been a part of it. For once I feel like I’ve done a lot more than dropping a coin into a tin; just by doing what I do every day I’ve been able to contribute far more.

Now do your part. Get along to Spokenworld and download a story or twenty!