Who, me?

Like a lot of working Voiceovers I sign up to one or two Pay to Play directories and subsequently I receive alerts for for jobs available that theoretically my voice is suited for. Some I respond to. Some I don’t.

A couple of weeks ago I received a job alert from Voices.com that interested me, but it was evening and I was out of the house at the time so thought I’d take a look when I got home. By the time I did, the job had received 18 auditions. It has been said that if you’re not in the first ten auditions, it’s not worth sending anything, but I’ve been hired after being the 24th voice to submit so that doesn’t always hold true.

I had a read of the criteria, downloaded the script and thought I might as well give it ago. The client however was after something very specific: “We really like the voice on this web video”. Cue eye-rolling. Oh great, here I go again with my Cate Blanchett/Lord Of The Rings impression.  I clicked the link, the video began to play.

It was me.

I actually clicked it again just to make sure my browser wasn’t playing silly buggers.
So I submitted an audition, fully aware of the irony that despite liking my voice, they might actually hire someone who sounds more like me than I do. It would be like coming second in my own lookalike competition.

Fortunately, they did hire me, it was a fun job to do and the people involved were great to work with and whilst regaling people with this tale, a friend, Daniel Owen, reminded me of the story about when they were casting for the original Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy radio series. They spent ages looking for a ‘Peter Jones-ey sort of voice’ for The Book, before someone suggested hiring Peter Jones.

So if you want Cate Blanchett, hire Cate Blanchett. Or me, of course. I’ll do.