Source Connect, Source Live and Skype

I’m a terrible tinkerer. If I’m not actually recording anything, I’m usually fiddling about with software, my cables, rearranging my microphone to get a better sound or ferretting about with acoustic tiles.

Today, I was wondering how I could best use Source Live. There’s been a lot of discussion about Source Connect (though not a lot of using it, as far as I can tell) but Source Live seems even simpler:

Source Live lets you listen to high quality streaming audio from a VO’s studio using a web page.
A plug-in for Pro Tools and VST, Source-Live sits in your audio session and sends your mix directly to your clients. Email them your Live link, and they can open your Source-Live Gateway web page – or open the stream directly in QuickTime – and listen immediately

Now, as I understand it, the listener, assuming they have a tiny bit of computer know how, should be able to RECORD the live stream via their soundcard – Something I just tested using free software WireTap Pro. (This should be possible with any half-decent computer – not a netbook or similar; my netbook’s soundcard is beyond awful.) However, this audio may only be suitable for laying down as a guide track as there were a few tiny pops and clicks in the stream I tested. That may be my setup and a setting I can tinker with later. But voila, the client has a high quality audio file in their hands.

Recently I did a session with a client in the states who provided talkback via Skype while I recorded to my hard disk. Although Skype is great for this kind of job, the client missed nuances in my delivery because the Skype call was not high enough quality to spot them. Plus the Skype mic was some distance from the mic I was recording into, which again made hearing the session clearly somewhat difficult.

What would have been simpler would be to direct the client to my Source Live gateway page, log into Skype and switch off my Skype microphone. The client mutes their Skype output so they can’t hear me via that link. I can hear the client via Skype, they can hear my my high quality audio feed via Source Live and so they can direct accordingly. The file they get at the end of the session (or if they are recording themselves) is exactly what they’ve been listening to over IP. The only downside of this is that Source Live has around a second’s delay.

Or they could just direct over the phone while listening via Source Live of course. I may try this for next time…