No really, I’m Very Busy

You can tell I’m having a quiet week if I’m back on here again can’t you? Meh.

I noticed some links were horribly out of date so popped in to update them and also to say that since I discovered Twitter I’m spending more time on there as well as having a hell of a time writing posts shorter than 140 characters. It’s like doing continuity again…

I have two accounts on Twitter: @HQvoice for voiceover stuff and gossiping with other voice people and @HelenQuigley for other stuff. Take your pick.

It has now been more than two years since Will and I submitted our application to immigrate to Canada and it looks like we may get our documents request letter in the next couple of months. All being well, we may have our visas this time next year. Ironically, since submitting the application Will joined GTN and is currently doing a lot of work with CTN looking at delivery of radio traffic reports and I will be very jealous if he gets to make a few trips out to Vancouver post-Olympics.

In the meantime, I can stare at the rain, eat biscuits and learn lines for “Man Of The Moment” in April. I’m supposed to have some e-learning to voice tomorrow, so fingers crossed that script turns up.