X-Filed Then Found

On my last trip home to my parents, my mum, who’d been having a clear out, handed me an armful of cardboard folders and told me, “for god’s sake put these in your loft before I burn them.”

That was a couple of months ago so today I thought I’d start going through them. Nothing like a good procrastinate when it comes to sorting stuff from fifteen years ago.

Most of the folders were full of Star Trek The Next Generation poster magazines and copies of Red Dwarf smegazine (anyone want them?!) but amongst them were a few gems, including this photo from my year living in Vancouver:

Can you see him? Can you? No? Look harder:

It’s only David Duchovny, looking right at the camera (or at least I think he is) on the set of The X-Files‘ which that day in September 1997 happened to be shooting at the top of Water Street in Vancouver’s Gastown – where I was working at the time.

This was also the day, a few minutes after this picture was taken, that I was pulled out of the crowd by Duchovny’s photo double and the prop master because I “looked like Gillian” and was made to sit on set and be stared and pointed at by the crew, including David who I overheard being told by the props guy doesn’t she look like Gillian? and I was looking at him but when I heard that I knew he’d look at me too and I was too scared to make eye contact ‘cos he was gorgeous and my knees had gone wibbly so I looked away and now I’m kicking myself for being so intimidated….

And I’d thought I was going to get a bollocking because they’d seen me taking photos.

For the curious, here’s a couple more. This one was from a bit earlier whilst crew were setting up and taken from the opposite side of the street, just where the crosswalk is in the screen grabs.

And in this one, William B. Davis (The Cigarette Smoking Man) sits in a nice director’s chair, not smoking. I can exclusively reveal fact fans, that he had to stand on a box for his scene with Duchovny.

For the real anoraks amongst you, the scene being shot was for Redux II in season five. Mulder meets the Cigarette Smoking Man on a street corner in Washington DC for a chat about Scully’s illness:

The fifth season was also the last one to be shot in Vancouver and the final episode (called The End – see what they did there?) shot scenes in GM Place. As a goodbye to the city, a call went out to Vancouver’s residents for extras. The show needed several thousand to fill the seats in the arena to play audience members at a chess tournament and a group of us got very excited about this and decided to go along. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos – possibly because we weren’t allowed – but I did find my ticket in the old folders:

We only just made it to GM Place in time to be included and we ended up right at the back. No-one has a hope in hell of spotting us in the finished show, so our ‘screaming in terror’ and ‘fleeing the crazy gunman’ acting was somewhat wasted. but we genuinely are all somewhere in the top left photo and I thinkI can see us in the bottom one based on where we were sitting. It’s a bit tenuous, I know. We could be anybody.