S.O.S. Save Our Syrup

In these credit crunchy times, everyone’s cutting back. Cancelling the vegetable box. Not moving house. Waiting to buy that new car.

Rationing the pancakes.

Yes, you read that right. I won’t eat pancakes without maple syrup and I’ve had a bobbins of a job trying to find a drop of the stuff for weeks. And no, I probably haven’t got enough to worry about.

I thought it was just me. On one of our regular shopping trips, neither Sainsbury’s nor Tesco had any in stock. (And I’m not counting that flavoured sugary travesty that certain manufacturers foist upon us.) The local Co-op didn’t have any, either. I started joking about the world maple syrup shortage. A bit of curious googling has since revealed that actually, it ain’t no joke:

Rising maple syrup prices lead to thefts

Finally, on our third excursion to Tesco in as many weeks, they had some in stock. Bloody hell. I was surprised it wasn’t wearing one of those alcohol security collars. It was £4.99 for 330 grams. £4.99?! That’s nearly 2 pence per gram! Dusting crack cocaine on my pancakes would be cheaper. Probably.

The good news is maple syrup season is underway and the farmers are experiencing a syrupy bonanza. Unfortunately this doesn’t necessarily mean the prices will come down. Never mind stocks, shares and gold – Maple syrup is where the money is:

Maple syrup makers report good crop

Phew. It’s all going to be OK. The shelves will be re-stocked. There will be no black market bartering in the street for a taste of sweet amber deliciousness. No illegal exchanges in doorways by desperate addicts. But don’t get complacent. For example, has anyone actually laid eyes on a tin of Bird’s Custard Powder recently?

Custard shortage in Kent

(Thanks to Stoddy for highlighting the custard crisis)